QrShop is a secure merchant friendly mobile wallet payment solution. It enables merchants to take control of payment options. For example, a cash-only business will only allow QrShop users to pay with cash.

QrShop tracks customers and provide insights for merchants. When a QrShop user pays through QrShop, that user becomes a of the merchant’s customer tribe where a merchant can engage and market to the users with loyalty campaign and offers – giving merchants the ability and tools to build a rich engaging customer retention strategy.

QrShop provides the capability for a merchant to create and sell gift cards in its marketplace. A QrShop user can purchase a merchant’s gift card and send it to anyone. The recipient of the gift card can redeem the gift card in QrShop and use it to pay for the goods and services provided by the merchant.

Simply put, QrShop is a merchant aware mobile wallet. It is designed with merchants in mind – allowing merchants to take secure payments and engage its customers to build a relationship.